New Hacker Information

I have a very short amount of time to make this. But here is some of the recent hacker news.

Fantage is currently down for everyone once again. Some people are saying it is the DDOS attack again and many other options. There is a new hacker bxxty who goes on your account when she hacks you, takes your items, and will make you bald or have no clothes on. She has hacked many rare people like eclee, sharron29, I believe it was fantage Joshua, and perhaps the owner of the fantageouijia blog which has been deleted for some reason. She said to me on my Instagram that she got hacked and banned.

Now anyone who is wanting to know where my youtube friend darkmoon went I now know what happened. Around the time things went a bit crazy darkmoon had left a post in the clubhouse that she was quitting and deleted her Instagram/Youtube channel. Just now when I was able to check my channel she said she pretended to quit as a prank and deleted everything thinking she can get it back. But when she realized she couldn’t she is now under an entire new account for both Insta and Youtube., This is it: anoynmouslyfantage. Sub her and definitely look at her Instagram.

People have been dressing as noobs aka not rare people to protect their accounts from being hacked. Hope you guys all try to keep your accounts safe and not get hacked. Here is a few reasons why Fantage is getting bomboarded with hackers.

  1. Their security is not very secure which means just about anyone can get past things like their firewall and mess with it doing those glitches that you have seen many do in the past month and also can cause the thing DDOS attack.

2. There is a lot of drama in that website. There is a lot of people that say things that aren’t true about others and many don’t speak the way they should. But it is not unusual for teenagers to swear. It is just part of being a teenager.

3. A lot of people just want to date on that site. They are most often the players who cheat a lot.

Hackers see these things as weaknesses which makes Fantage a easy target to hack. If it doesn’t get better this could result in a bad way. I hope this gets resolved.

Quint out



To Let You Guys Know

Quint’s back with a hacker update post.

First of all I have been seeing some misunderstandings from Fantagians. I have found out a lot about each of them. Now to let Fantagians know what I know:

Loc can’t hack. He is a modder which is a person who works with computer coding which explains why he was able to do all of those glitches. He also gets paid for doing it. He was trolling or joking when he said he would hack people.

Then real hackers started to come on and hack people. Some believe it was Loc but let me tell you. He threatened to hack me in the beginning more than one time and nothing happened. Plus my good friend Darkmoon had told me the above information. Now let me tell you the real deal.Diddy is a exploiter and is not Loc. I was suspecting he was Loc due to false information. When I called him Loc in Mymall he said he was not Loc. Diddy is able to do really old Fantage glitches that Fantage had patched but they are able to do it. He also told my friend san the no clothes on glitch. I don’t know if he told anyone but there is a girl walking around doing the no clothes on glitch. He is also a person who was able to duplicate items which is against Fantage’s rules and got some of them banned in the beginning. Maybe the patched glitches had come undone. Here is some of them:

  1. Making your Fantagian have no clothes on

That was an old Fantage glitch that has been seen a lot more recently. Sometimes if you have rented PM Boutique items when you are a member and your membership expires or the month changes it will show your Fantagian has no clothes. If you are on youtube a lot like me you have probably seen videos of people recording themselves or someone else with no clothes on.

2. Being able to wear boy/girls clothes

Back in maybe 2008 to 2013 or maybe the start of 2014 it was strange to see a boy wearing a girl’s clothing items because for obvious reasons it is for girls. They also used to be able to buy boys/girls clothes when they were not that gender. Fantage did end up patching that glitch but like I said before maybe it became undone.

3. The picture glitch

Many exploiters on Fantage have used this glitch. All they need to do is take a picture and it will lag anyone around you and eventually make you crash. It is strangely useful if someone is being irritating.

Here’s more hackers:

Alley777 is part of the hacking group TheDuo. The Duo changed their Instagram name once again to quad.tage. They are two people Alley777 and someone named Fallen aka f4llen. No one quite knows how TheDuo hacks but the way they started was using that fake gold generator. The Alley on the account now is not the one who scammed. There is a lot of videos on youtube of how Alley777 scams. The scammer alley quit and gave it to another person who is now the Alley of TheDuo. She also hacked angeltear501’s youtube channel after them hacking her on Fantage and changed it to TheDuo’s channel. Get to know alley a bit more from their channels! I do not know much about fallen. The only thing I know is she is the second person of TheDuo and she did threaten to hack a friend of mine but never did.

Savannah aka s4vannah

News about savannah has settled down. No more of the Your Items Will Be Gone Soon Instagram posts have been posted. Here’s what I had found out about savannah gathering information from youtube and my friends:

She sends her workers that she pays to warn people that she is going to hack them by having them say It’s Nice To Know Your Items Will Be Gone Soon in different places or going to their houses to send memos saying it.

A few really did get hacked by her so she is real. But some of the ones saying it was Loc. Loc is a troller. Once people on Fantage get all focused on something he trolls them by trying to convince them it’s going to happen. That one time when Fantage was going through a DDOS attack he showed up knowing people were beginning to think Fantage was closing and he trolled people in downtown saying it was going to shut down. Not all of those ones who were saying it were real. Some were truly savannah’s workers but some were Loc just joking around or other Fantagians joking around.  Her username is s4vannah.

Now since my computer has not been behaving itself I was not able to keep my eyes open for new people. But there is a new person in the Hall of Fame.  Jimmydean0059 has taken the number one spot in the Hall of Fame.  I do not know much about him since I haven’t been on since my computer is not working right now but he is not Loc or Diddy because he is not wearing rare duplicated item like they were when they were on the top spot.

Surprisingly you have no reason to be scared of any of these hackers. My friends have met alley777 and they all say she is really nice and kind. Her videos are actually funny. When I asked Loc one time why he was on Fantage he said he was here to help people get items that they can’t get. Diddy is actually pretty kind too. He stands up to people and responds to you when you say hello.

Quint out!


Whats Been Happening

Quint here with another post! Wondering whats happening with the Fantage drama and hackers? You’ve come to the right place.

As you know many of the people I listed before were mistaken as hackers because on Instagram they were shown asking people for passwords. But as found out later on they were hacked as in teaberry, amandaalexis123, catops12346, friies and whoever else I said.

Now I am not saying anyone names in this post for their privacy but you might have heard that these two certain baes broke up and there was some drama around them. There was a video that got removed because it didn’t follow youtube’s guidelines. Please refrain from sending pictures of yourself to anyone who does because you can permanently scar people and it’s not appropriate at all for the kids or anyone on the website.

There is some drama with a girl named Beatriix. Someone said she scammed her and she says she doesn’t scam. Many people have come up to her and started a fight in mymall.

The hackers have been seen again. Diddy was seen on another account and making people lag with something called a Auto Bot.

The Duo has changed their Instagram name to quad.tage and have recently hacked someone called onedirection9938. Supp0rt has also gotten hacked recently. She said they took everything good she had.  They have recently posted a picture of passwords listed so better keep a eye out and your accounts safe!


Quint out!

It’s Fixed!

I know I posted a while ago but a few things happened since then that I wanted to tell you guys about.

Fantage farm glitch has been fixed.  They either knew about it or someone let them know because the farms are back.

This week is Free PM Week. It is about a week sometimes a month when every person gets to enjoy membership without paying. You can buy starred items from stores but when the week is over the items will be in your inventory but unavailable for you to wear unless you get membership in the future.  If you have had a membership previous to this you can rent items from PM Boutique but at the end of the week or month they will return to PM Boutique.

Now there is a random Instagram account that is acting very weird. Here’s a few pictures:


She has some pictures of old Fantage bloggers but I do not think they are the owner of this account because I met some of them I think and they do not type like that. Here’s a few pictures of who she had on her page:

Most of them are unactive and haven’t made a post in a long time. Her user is stephanie.fantage on Instagram.

Quint out!

Hey Glance At This Post

Quint here!

Today I have a few important things to say. This post will be about Fantage hackers, new glitches, something in AJ that I find something important, and something I find creepy. If someone can find a logical explanation great thanks but if you can’t I am going to still be very creeped out.

There hasn’t been very much hacker things which is good but there are still some really cool things that some people have been doing. There were two big fights so the guy hard_ made someone invisible to the others around him but he could see himself and the other guy pizza_friend did the taking the picture glitch which successfully logged everyone out. Thank you dude for doing that because what was going on was extremely annoying. They never came back anyway so yeah thanks! There is also this one person who was called Loc in mymall but he didn’t deny it. It could be Loc or not. His username is who_am_I.

A few days ago Fantage’s server went down. No one knew what was going on but they just assumed they were updating. When I told you guys about the DDOS Attack I forgot to say that when the server would go down and you were typing the words would never go through the chat filter. After the server went back up a few days ago the words in your chat box would take very slow to get to your friend or whoever you were talking to and also many people have said their farm isn’t loading. This is what I got when I checked my farm to see the glitch:get

Normally your crops would be there but they were not there. Some people said memos did not load but they loaded for me so either it was just those people or they fixed it. No one knows what they were updating. The bracelets switch is still off and the closet is still broken.

Many people also reported seeing other events at the same time as the one that was going on. Fantage when it goes down or gets updated it gets very glitchy. A few times I’ve seen the St. Patrick’s Day event when it wasn’t that event. This is a typical Fantage update result. There is also a random unicorn thing in the forest that no one is quite sure what it is or why it is there.

Now here is the Animal Jam thing. Last December a famous AJ youtuber got in big trouble. They were selling items with his friends. His name is Skorm on AJ and his real name is Eric. His sister is Warfox Gaming. His friends were allowed a second chance after apologizing but Skorm has tried so many times to get  a second chance and apologizing. He has made so many videos apologizing and literally almost crying on his recorder. AJ is shunning him and it is not right. Go watch his videos of his apologizing and if you come back and agree that he should get a second chance go sign this petition one of his friends made. Here’s the link:

For whatever reason that link doesn’t work go check his recent video I’M DONE’s description. That’s the one he made. He also helps people who have been bullied. Check out what this one girl said.change1


This is what Skorm said:


Here’s the really creepy thing that happened. Sometime in June I was with my friends pretending to be peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They took pictures with me and I decided to post my picture on my facebook. Then a few days ago I found this:fly.PNG


I do not know where the guy with the black hair, big smile, and blue shirt came from. I can’t draw or edit so don’t think I did that. I won’t even try to do that. I have never seen it anywhere before. If I put it there I don’t know how I did that.  My friend sam suggested it was a virus but it wasn’t because I wipe my computer whenever it has something wrong with it or isn’t working very well. My friend said it might have been a frame. I looked for frames everywhere and I haven’t seen it. Please let me know what you think it is because I have no clue where it came from!

Quint out!

Fantage Hackers/Glitches

Just before the DDOS Attack there were a few glitches. I am making this post to explain about it. Just before it happened many people noticed that the spanish server was gone. Let me tell you a little bit of the Spanish server. It had a lot of old Fantage in it like the old creature arena, the face paint, and it had no island, no cruise, and many glitches like changing nonmember eyes for free. The server was named Foca Blanca. It means White Seal in Spanish. If you had been on Fantage back in old Fantage you know that White Seal was one of the famous servers. There is a youtube video of people protesting about the White Seal server not being around anymore. I believed for a while that maybe they were moving it back because I would see the servers change like it would move to a longer page. As it’s been known on old Fantage the servers were longer and much fuller. But it still hasn’t come back. It is probably a result of the DDOS Attack and they have not been able to update it because they are busy.

There was also the Pet Treats and the Earn Ecoins Ads. Fantage does fix them when they can. They fixed the Pet Treats when it didn’t work and they also fix the earn ecoins ads everytime it breaks.

There has also been some glitches like the bracelets and the closet. People can dress up still on their own screen but they can’t see it anymore. The bracelets haven’t shown up in forever like since last December. They will fix it when they can.

Mymall has also been having a weird glitch. There is something on Fantage when you are laggy and you go somewhere it will turn black or white. This happened to me the other day right before I crashed but I made sure to take a picture. c.PNG

It was not there when I came back so it doesn’t come back.

This is all I know so far. Feel free to let me know about any more glitches you have experienced yourself.

Quint’s out!

Making A Poem

All right I’m not much of a poet person but I did want to be a poet once so I decided to make one today. I hope this won’t be too bad. This is for someone so into the poem:

You are my sunshine in the clouds,

you make everything shine when I’m with you,

you get me I can be myself,

you laugh at my jokes even when I tell them backwards,

I’m glad I have you by my side,

I don’t want to lose something that means a lot to me,

you mean everything to me,

Thank you.

All right feel free to let me know what you think.

Quint out