The Hacker Update Time

I am back with some news about the hacker. Some news is that I was interviewing my two friends who are bf and gf and my friend Haze saw a account that he thought was the hacker so he sent me a picture. stupid

Then about three days later I was talking with my friends and he showed up. This is my video if you want to see:


My channel is Quint B Fantage. 🙂 In this video he showed up with two accounts. There was one account named godless that looked suspicious to me but then someone told me it wasn’t him. Then he showed up with two new accounts in that video. They are reality_dreamz and that account in the above picture. He had them saying that typical thing he makes his bestie says. Plus he also tells them to follow him on instagram named fantagegod. I have a instagram too but I can’t post yet but soon I will be able to.  I am quintbolognafantage if you want to follow me 🙂 I usually follow back. Dupedfantage has been posting again but they are just guessing which one is a copy. I do not think their guesses are correct so I’m not bothering posting it. He has two other accounts godless and loc_made_you_lag. He also has another girl acc named issssssssssssssssssssssssss or something. I am on youtube a lot and I need to warn you about these spam accs. They are usually girls and say: I love you! I made a video about you. When you click on them they have a thing that says click on my about page. If you do there is a link. Whatever you do DON’T click the link. If you do you will get random links that don’t make any sense or will try to send you really dirty pictures or if you are on one page it will redirect you to somewhere else. It is doing that to me because I accidentally clicked on it. It is very annoying. Be safe for those!

quint out

did the hacker leave or what questions answered

Hey it’s quint again It’s time that I do a quick hacker update! Since I am a Fantage youtuber with almost 200 subs I feel like I should do a hacker update because I am getting a lot of information from some people. He is also currently my friend which is a good thing too. He decided he doesn’t hate me or my good friend. LOL Now my good friend was playing Fashion Battle. For those who don’t know what Fashion Battle is it’s a game that has a lightning bolt on it with a bright purple background as shown below:


She noticed there was a account that said fitnesse_shawty. I had seen that too but just figured out it was another Fantagian who wanted to level up. But it wasn’t. Proof? She had seen this account have MSH movie star hair one of the items Loc had duplicated for his friends and gotten himself and many of his friends permanently banned for buying it including aurora_3. I blocked their usernames for privacy.  onpHere’s proof on instagram with my friend’s instagram:

I am aware that his shows. I am sucky at using a mouse.


This is what you see when you click on Fashion Battle. If you play against this person you win automatically. This was supposedly this hacker’s old acc. Now see what he’s doing to this on other accounts posted on his instagram:


These are videos he posted on his instagram. To see  his instagram is fantagegod. He also posted this on his aka this girl is pretending to be a manager of Fantage to scare him or she is really was. I doubt it was the manager. Fantage is full of posers who are like: I’m a admin etc… They will most likely find out and try to stop him and ruin it like mymall. The account dupedfantage started randomly guessing which items were duped but I doubt that they were right. They also started gossiping about Fantage Lea who got mad at them and posted on her instagram. I don’t know if she took it down. I have to leave so more proof and updates later!

quint out

Update on Hacker

Hey guys quint coming back for a quick post As you know Mymall was put under construction a while ago because of Loc the hacker duplicating items and getting everyone who bought his duplicated items permanently banned. I figured out how he hacked his levels. There is a sign in uptown in between Michael’s Board Shop and Jester’s Costume. There is a thing that you can use ecoins to buy levels. Loc used the ecoin exchange machine in Mymall to hack his levels which is why when mymall came back that was gone. Now there is no explanation for why nons can’t use mymall anymore. There is also a event that is unfortunately also only for members. Nons can do this only if they have about 5,000 gold -.- The good part is that the items at first were starred and gold but Fantage patched it because people kept pointing it out If you want the nons to have fun too my suggestion is DON’T point it out so fantage patches it. Fantage always has that glitch where it’s starred and then people point it out and then they see people pointing it out and they fix it. Now update on the permanent banned thing. Many people have still been getting banned Oh oops i didn’t mean to send him a buddy request 😛 my good friend peachcrystal3 got permanently banned for no reason She is a non member and Fantage banned her. Now reemy13 also got permanently banned and is reemy133. Cutediva08 is now permanently banned with anitazen and dxlm i forget who else now Loc hasn’t been seen recently depends if its good or bad Only last week I was in the cafe with Nate when we saw this he had hello_loc, victorious_loc and level_mod. I was recording too at the time so that was weird. My friend darkmoon saw him once when she was recording he started doing his bestie swear glitch and then he left. Symoun (Kyle) Yodell’s bf got permanently banned rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.PNG

Now also you guys probably wondered where is aurora3? Check this out ads.PNG

Quint out

Fantage Loc Explained

Yea it’s Quint here Nothing much has changed bff16

Anyway you guys must have noticed a while ago that there was this one dude with his bestie. He could make his bestie swear and my friends would see him do weird glitches like change skin wherever he went or get so high above everyone while he was changing. Doing some detective work I figured out some things. His user was its_loc. His main acc was ravonte. I made a entire video on him. He didn’t like me or my fellow youtube friend because we liked to record him. He call my friend and I a byesh and threaten to hack me with a backup acc. When he did the swear thing with his bestie it caused a lot of chaos in downtown with people laughing and more. Eventually someone told Fantage who permanently banned him. People suspected it was cherryrosie with no evidence. Sometime between that he started duplicating items and people who hang out in mymall everyday to buy or talk or spy (like me bwahha) yes moonshinezodiac i still do that 😛  and whoever bought his knowing or not they would get permanently banned.  Example? He sold his gf Lea aka Lea131, gaby2468, sovernigty, and now _222 msh for a way higher level. She bought it and  got permanently banned. Loc came back with many other accs and then with another acc he hacked his levels and beat gianna41295 and drew4011. Aurora3 who was in 3rd place poofed and people were saying she got permanently banned for buying a duped item when she didn’t know. Many people have been getting hacked or permanently banned. Here’s a few people who got permanently banned:

steven1483 who didn’t do anything

kaitlin10047 shinypikachu101’s backup account who also didn’t do anything

and many others comment down below who else you know got permanently banned. There’s been these two or three hackers who will say i’ll give you eighty billion gold if you tell me your password. One of them hacked my friend nick770503 and tried to convince me to tell my password. I told them it was getalife1 and they threatened to hack me. Here’s some people to watch out for:


olivia66273 or something I’m sorry idk her user



Fantage keeps banning loc and he keeps coming back as richboii, ultimateloc, legendaryloc, etc. He’s our friend now. Also on Instagram they have been banning loc’s instagram accounts etc fantageloccc and now Fantagegod. This secret group dupedfantage have been saying things about loc. Lemme show you:


Fantage has “told” this secret group that they have called the police on Loc and are looking for him. They are probably going to arrest him. Their bio as owners are described as X,Y, and Z. It is smart because if they actually said their users Loc and his group of friends who probably aren’t really his friends they just don’t want to be hacked cough cough will give them lots of hate. I will probably get a lot of hate for exposing Loc a little but it’s worth it. Fantage has put mymall “under construction”. Some people think it is because of free premium member week but the true reason is that Fantage is trying to block Loc from hacking mymall so they are coming up with something worse LOL or “better” to them. People have been spreading rumors that tns Trade and sell or Vintage are coming back. Anyway that’s all for now. Comment down below what else you know about loc or anything i have talked about.

quint out

Left Behind

Wassup it’s Quint here.

I might be getting membership next week because I want to be with my two best friends. Nate is level 332 and Hazel is 172. I am only 117. Nate is higher than both of us because she’s a member and Hazel has a goal to be in first place one day so he’s been working really hard on his level. It is paying off for him. I have heard of friends splitting because one gets higher and rarer and then their friendship is over. I don’t want to lose my friends when they are all higher than me. If I get membership I will not be broke every day as I always am and I will get cool hair like easter hair, red emo cut and others. I really want membership. One example of friendship breaking apart is my friend and his gf well his ex gf now. He was my favorite youtube Fantagian who made really awesome fmvs with his girlfriend lynsey007. He was unactive for a long time and even changed his photo from him and lynsey to him and his friends jumping in Trade and Sell. I guessed that they broke up but didn’t want to bring it up because it’s their business. One day I ran into him at mymall and he sent me a friend request. I added him because I really wanted to add him because he was really kind and a great person. A while ago I made a video about all my favorite baes and he and his bae was in it. He told me that they had broken up. I felt so bad. Now I keep seeing his ex with her new bf pure_noob_boy_ and I feel so bad for him even though he is with dylaire now. That’s all I am going to say right now.

quint out

stop the rumor

Yo it’s Quint here There has been this rumor about me going around Fantage youtube and this has got to stop. I ran into someone else just now who asked me about this rumor. For some reason Fantage won’t let me speak right now wgtf fantage so I wasn’t able to reply. You guys probably watch Ambie’s series Troubled Teens. I watch it every single time she uploads and it’s the talk of Fantage because it’s really good. It is one of my favorite series.  What’s the  rumor? I was replying to a comment that wasn’t true and the person replied with a “oops LMAO so i responded with a lol to them. Then I started playing Fantage. I ran into a fan aka stevenie10 and then I saw Ambie and _sophiee a few minutes later in the cafe. I don’t know how this rumor got started but the rumor is that I hate Ambie’s series Troubled Teens. This rumor is not true. It is one of my very favorite series. If you search way back in the beginning of my channel you will find a video that talks about my favorite Fantage drama series. It is in one of the top three. This is how I found out about it: I was in the cafe when stevenie said that how I said lol on Ambie’s channel and it was rude and that I was laughing at all her hard work because I was jealous. First of all if I didn’t like it why would I comment every time a good thing about it and say it’s one of my favorite series?  I told Ambie up front that I don’t hate her or her series and never will. So message to whoever started this rumor: Please get your facts straight before you spread a rumor that obviously isn’t. Appledrops someone who knows me I guess from my channel asked me and I wasn’t able to reply. Here’s your answer. Quint out

i got hacked AGAIN?

Yo its quint here 🙂

I know I said I am quitting blogging but now that i am back on Fantage for a while I am going to post the important stuff like weird experiences on Fantage like today. A long time ago my friend kept getting hacked by someone. I recorded it on youtube with her permission 🙂 my friends permission of course. My friend Haze and I like to pretend to solve mysteries and we decided to do a experiment. The result of it was when someone logs onto your account when you’re on too it says your connection is lost. Today I was logging in and out because when I was able to get on it told me my connection was lost.My friend Haze agreed to log on to see if I was on even though the real owner aka me wasn’t on. Haze checked and told me I was on. He told them to uhhhh get off my account lol let’s leave it at that lol I can’t change my pass and I didn’t tell anyone my pass anyway smh stupid hackers lol

Quint out